The Ombudsmen have the duties to consider, investigate into and find facts on the complaints of people sustaining trouble from the performance of the duties of officials and state employees at all levels which unjustly causes injuries to the public whether such performance is legitimate under their legal authority or not. In this regard, the Ombudsmen have laid down policies on operations to be complied with by officials of the Office of the Ombudsman to ensure highest efficiency in their performance so that problems relating to people’s trouble will be solved and relieved quickly and fairly based on the philosophy as follows: "Lodging complaints is convenient, consideration of complaints is prompt, providing fairness to all parties concerned, operations are transparent and accountable". To solve problems, emphasis is placed on peaceful mediation which means the extension of coordination to create good understanding between people and government employees. In addition, various channels for lodging complaints have also been sought and provided to offer facilitation to the public which include the lodging of complaints by mail, in person to meet an official at the Office, calling the Office toll-free at 1676 throughout the country, internet connection, and the creation of networks for handling of complaints such as the lodging of complaints through the Law Society of Thailand, Attorney General, Village Health Volunteer etc.

        The performance of the Ombudsman in solving complainant’s problem is aimed to be proactive; fairness oriented, and prompts to both complainants and agencies.

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