Network establishment

        • Memorandum of Understanding between Ombudsman and Agencies
In 2002 the Ombudsman signed Memorandum of Agreements on cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the Royal Thai Police, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority, the Provincial Electricity Authority, the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority, the Provincial Waterworks Authority and the Telephone Organization of Thailand (presently TOT Corporation Public Company Limited) to solve the problems of trouble for people. Each agency assigned focal point and officers to act as contact person, when the ombudsman received complaints from people regarding particular agency, the contact person will be asked to solve problem promptly. After the case is solved, the contact person will get in touch with Ombudsman and report the case. This agreement was signed under mutual understanding of full awareness of the importance of urgent solving and relieving of the trouble of people.

        • Cabinet Resolution on submitting information to Ombudsman
In 2004, the Cabinet has endorsed the approach for prompt coordination between Ombudsman and government agencies in solving people’s problems by circulating the notification to all government agencies to extend their cooperation to solve uncomplicated problems by telephone. There was no need for official letter which took very long period to issue, thus more convenient and prompt operations for government and state agencies.

        • Attorney General on being a complaint receiving port for Ombudsman
In 2006, with great advantage on Attorney General’s offices spreading all over the country, Ombudsman countersigned a Memorandum of Understanding with Attorney General to assist people in the countryside. The primary goals are to provide legal assistance and advice to problem bearers; to exchange views and experiences on helping the assistance needed; and to be a complaint receiving port for Ombudsman. The computer network was linked from offices in the countryside and Bangkok. After the complaint was received, it will be sorted as complaints for Ombudsman and cases for legal advice, later on each category will be transferred to Bangkok office through internet respectively.

        • Village Health Volunteers for distributing information on basic rights to launch complaint to Ombudsman
Great citizen participation is enhanced through the connection with the Ministry of Public Health’s village health volunteers, with firm belief that it would generate people in the grass-root to participation, has been established since this institute is very solid in terms of grassroots oriented approach and volunteer’s active operation. More than 3,000 village volunteers, NGOs, Provincial Women Development Council throughout the country, and more than 7,000 Village Radio Broadcasting Stations have been asked to distribute information on ombudsman and direct any complainant to the office. In 2008, Ombudsman signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Minister of Public Health Ministry to officially assist information dissemination on Ombudsman, complaint lunching methods, and good governance to general public.

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