Ethical Awareness and Code of Ethics

As mentioned earlier, the 2007 Constitution granted more responsibilities to Ombudsman to impose. One of the new assignments is the Code of Ethics Establishment and Ethical Awareness mission.

        • The Code of Ethics
As of September 2008 which is the due date specified in the Constitution for all agencies to have its own Code of Ethics, each government agency has submitted its own Code of Ethics with consultation and supervision from the Ombudsman. In order for each agency to have the same standard and measurement, the Ombudsman has been assisting every agency to finalize the code. For the Ombudsman as one of the organization constitutionally required to have Code of Ethics, the announcement of the Ombudsman’s Code of Ethics was declared on the 18th day of August 2008.

        • Promoting ethical awareness to all government agencies
Ombudsman has accelerated and promoted the development process of politicians and state officials’ ethical awareness. Throughout the year of 2007 and 2008, there were numerous workshops, seminars, special lectures, and meetings on Ethics and Ethical Promotion. The central ethical information center was introduced and enhanced in order to be a knowledge-based unit for both Thai agencies and international agencies.

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