Monitoring and evaluation of government agencys operations under the provisions of the Constitution

There have been no organization or government agencies with direct responsibility for these operations in the past. The absence of such responsible agency leads to a large number of government agencys negligence to perform its duties properly or to delay performance of its duties. To guarantee that the government sector shall fully comply with the provisions of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand 2007, the Constitution has designated the Ombudsman the main responsible body of these operations.

To ensure effective performance of its operations in monitoring, evaluation as well as providing recommendations on constitution compliance and deliberations on necessary constitutional amendment, the Ombudsman collaborated with the Secretariat of the Cabinet Office to collect data on constitutional compliance of agencies under the Administrative Branchs control. For other agencies not under the Administrate Branchs control, the Ombudsman directly sent a letter requesting them to submit relevant operational outcome reports every three months. Ombudsmans staff are also assigned to monitor reports these agencies constitutional operation outcomes in the mass media, and to maintain continuous telephone contacts to obtain the most up-to-date information. Moreover, the Ombudsman compiled the Constitutional courts decisions that ruled certain provisions of law are in conflict with the Constitution on the conflicts of the provisions of laws or the unconstitutionality of legislative process. It notified these judgments to relevant agencies for their compliance.

Both the government agencies which are under and not under the Administrative Branchs control had submitted reports on completed operations and progress reports on the amendment or revision of laws or other measures to comply with the constitutional provisions on a continuous bas. The Office of the Ombudsman prepared summary reports from these data and occasionally submitted them to the Ombudsman for acknowledgement. The Administrative and Legislative Branches were also informed of this information on June 1 2008. After the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand 2007 was in effect for one year (it was promulgated on 24 August 2007 and the first year anniversary failed on 23 August 2008), the Office of the Ombudsman prepared summary reports on constitutional compliance of different agencies and reports to the Parliament.

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