On March 15, 2018, General Viddhavat Rajatanun, Ombudsman for Chief Ombudsman, Mr. Preeda Vejtayawong, Deputy Secretary-General and investigators team held a discussion meeting and on-site investigation with Mr. Jaratchai Chok-ruengsakul, Vice Governor of Nakhonratchasima province, representatives from Royal Forest Department, Nakhonratchasima Provincial Land Office, Suranaree University of Technology, Forest Management Bureau No. 8 (Nakhonratchasima Province), Provincial Office for Natural Resources and Environment, Nakhonratchasima Province, and Suranaree Municipial District to resolve complaint on the use of land owned by Suranaree University of Technology. This chronic conflict over the piece of land, about 800 rais in scale measurement, is overlapped with cultivated areas of over hundreds of locals that lasted for almost 30 years.

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