Example of Complaint

      Example of Complaint regarding the Constitutionality

               Example 1. Issue regarding the constitutionality of the Private School Act B.E. 2550 (2007)
               Example 2. Issue of the constitutionality of the nomination of Selection Committee of the Bank of Thailand Board and the nomination of the Bank of Thailand Board

      Public authorities failure to perform duties in compliance with the law

               Example 1. Local Administration unjustly terminated employment contract of a temporary government employee
               Example 2. Unlawful consideration of a government agency on renewal of a sand suction license
               Example 3. Non-transparent and unlawful purchasing land, prepared by Mayor.

      Complaint on Ultra Vires Action

               Example 1. The complainant and her family were threatened and bullied by a police officer to forcedly move from the police residential complex.
               Example 2. Police officers executed a search beyond the terms of a search warrant issued by the court and held a press conference, which was considered as violation of the rights of the complainant.

      Complaint on performance of duties of a government official which unjustly causes injuries to the complainant

               Example 1. State officials invasion of the land where crops were cultivated, which unjustly caused injuries to the complainant.
               Example 2. Authorities do not make use of the donated plot of land for public purpose as determined by the donator.
               Example 3. Winner of white cattle contest does not obtain the royal trophy as announced by the organizing agency.

      Omission to perform duties which unjustly causes injuries to the complainant

               Example 1. A school in a remote area suffered from teacher shortage
               Example 2. The Land Office failed to issue a land title document to the complainant.
               Example 3. The investigation police officer failed to file a lawsuit.
               Example 4. The police officer is found negligent of performing his duty.
               Example 5. The lack of U-turn under the Srinakkarin-Rama 9 intersection caused inconvenience to the complainant.

      The Complaint against the oversight of Judicial and Constitutional Organization

               Example 1. The Election Commission did not declare the result of petition.
               Example 2. An official of the Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection showed inappropriate behaviour and unfairly awarded a penalty on complainant.
               Example 3. The double-standard decision made by the National Election Commission on certifying candidates qualification caused unfairness.

      Complaint about the Ethics of Persons Holding Political Positions, Government Officers and State Officials

               Example 1. Officer commits a violation of ethical standards under the Code of Conduct

      Follow-up of the compliance with the Ombudsmans ruling and recommendations

               Example 1. The Transport Co., Ltd. did not pay off outstanding oil debts to the private equity

      Case of by-law, orders, acts of person begging the compliance with the law

               Example 1. The appointment of Bank of Thailands Board selection committee by Minister of Finance is not compliance with Section 28/1 of Bank of Thailand Act, B.E. 2485 (1942) as amended until No.4 B.E.2551 (2008), due to the conflict of interest of selection committee members.
               Example 2. The misapplication of expropriated land by the Royal Thai Air Force
               Example 3. Police searched the complainants house beyond the warrant and violated rights of the accused in broadcasting a press conference.
               Example 4. The municipality unlawfully granted construction permit for building of convenience store.
               Example 5. Improper traffic law enforcement to the drivers whose motorcycles was without vehicles registration plates during the pending time for new plate as proposed.
               Example 6.The construction of concrete wall along the canal bank impacted the people who live along the canal side.